Structural Steel

Shepard Steel’s structural steel shop in Hartford, Connecticut is committed to producing fabricated steel on time – and error-free. We are capable of fabricating in excess of 12,000 tons of steel on an annual basis.

Shepard Steel has the ability to provide value-engineering services at virtually every phase of the fabrication process, which results in cost-savings to the owner and a project that erects faster and with fewer issues.

Shepard Steel has the AISC Certification for Steel Building Standard and Simple Bridge from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Structural Steel Facility
  • 100,000 SF fabrication facility in Hartford, CT.
  • Fully integrated 3D modeling & engineering technology
    • BIM capability
    • Paperless communications
    • Staff Engineer to assist connection design
  • Shop capacity in excess of 12,000 tons per year
Equipment Capabilities
  • State-of-the-art CNC technology throughout several pieces of equipment utilized in the fabrication process:
    • Voortman 630 – Spindle
    • Voortman 1250 –  Saw
    • VSB 1500 – Blasting, to achieve a SSPC-SP10 surface prep.
    • Voortman 505 Anglemaster
    • Coper V808 – Plasma Copy Cutting Machine
    • Camber Machine Model 500A
    • Peddinghaus Plate Machine Model FPB 1800-3B

Our Equipment Specialists include:

  • AWS certified welders
  • Full time quality control inspector (CWI)